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Ackee & Saltfish with Plantain Gnocchi | Sweet & Sorrel

“Ackee” & Saltfish with Plantain Gnocchi

Hey everyone! Cheers to another Sunday in August. August is one of my favorite months of the year: the weather is (usually) sunny, there’s always something fun to do outside, and best of all, August is the month many Caribbean countries (including Jamaica) celebrate their emancipation and independence days. So in honor of Jamaica’s birthday, this week’s recipe is a spin on Jamaica’s national dish! Keep reading to find out how to make this amazing “Ackee” & Saltfish with Plantain Gnocchi! Ackee is a fruit that originated in West Africa. When the fruit ripens, the ackee pod opens up to reveal a soft yellow meat that Jamaicans cook and pair with steamed saltfish (salted cod). As a child, I used to love separating the ackee from its large black seed and eating the cooked ackee fruit. But as I got older, something changed. Which leads me to a confession – I actually really dislike ackee! Including last week’s Coffee Crusted Tofu Salad, this is the second week in a row that I’ve made a dish …

Sweet Potato Tempeh Sandwich | Sweet and Sorrel

Sweet Potato Tempeh Sandwich with Basil Pesto

Hey there, Welcome to another Sunday post on the blog! Today, I’m sharing an incredible vegetarian (or vegan, if you nix the cheese) Sweet Potato Tempeh Sandwich with Basil Pesto! This sandwich tastes so good, you’ll forget that there’s no meat in it. Seriously, this sandwich is an instant classic. I will probably make this on a weekly basis for the rest of the summer because it is soo good! Sandwiches can be sort of a hit or miss for me. Especially vegetarian/vegan sandwiches. Whenever I go out and see vegetarian sandwiches on a menu, it’s normally bell peppers and cheese between two hunks of bread. Umm, that’s not a sandwich! I need more! That’s why I decided to play around with some ingredients. And I came up with this mega-sandwich. The stars of this dish are the oven roasted sweet potatoes, the skillet tempeh, and the homemade basil-almond pesto. Let me give you the inside scoop on all three! First, the roasted sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes have been part of my life since I …

Breakfast Crostini 3 Ways | Sweet & Sorrel

Breakfast Crostini 3 Ways

Hi all, welcome to July! You might be thinking, Danielle, back-to-back posts?!! What’s going on here? My personal goal is to post a new recipe every week. But since this is a holiday week (the 4th of July is Wednesday and I’ve decided to treat the entire week as a holiday!), I wanted to do something a little special. Hence, these breakfast crostinis! Breakfast for me is usually something on the go. Which is so sad because I really love sitting down and making my meals an event. But I love sleep way more. I’ve found that portable toasts/crostinis solve this dilemma for me, because they are super easy to make and very satisfying. And the star ingredient is bread. Which is obviously one of the greatest things ever invented (apologies to all my gluten intolerant friends, you really are missing out!). Since I also normally work out before eating breakfast, I tend to look for a breakfast option that has a good amount of protein and carbs to help with my recovery. These crostinis …