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Basil Cantaloupe Lemonade | Sweet & Sorrel

Cantaloupe Basil Lemonade

Hi there, Today’s post is coming a day early because I am traveling tomorrow and because this Cantaloupe Basil Lemonade is too good not to share right away! This refreshing freshly made juice is absurdly easy to make, good for you, and is a perfect way to stay cool in this summer heat! The Caribbean connection here is actually not to the ingredients, but to the process of making fresh juices. My mom and I often make juices together from scratch. I think the first one we ever made together was carrot juice. It is a labor intensive process and I would assist with cleaning, peeling, and chopping all the carrots. My mom would then blend the carrots with water and painstakingly strain the mixture until it became carrot juice. Then, she would flavor the juice with condensed milk (she would always leave some milk over so I could eat it!) and allow it to chill. I don’t know if she learned the recipe from her mother, but it will always be a memory (and …