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Banana Citrus Pancakes | Sweet & Sorrel

Spiced Banana Citrus Pancakes

Happy Sunday! What better way to start your Sunday than with these Spiced Banana Citrus Pancakes?! This pancake recipe screams “Fall is here!” and they are a delicious way to welcome in the cooler temperatures. If anyone asked me to name my favorite breakfast food, I would have a hard time deciding between pancakes or waffles. Both are just so fluffy and delicious (yes, I said fluffy!), that it’s hard to decide! But I promised a friend that I would feature a banana pancake recipe on the blog, so today, pancakes win out (but don’t worry waffle-lovers, I’ll make a waffle recipe soon!). Technically, I learned about pancakes long before I ever knew what a waffle was. That’s because my first introduction to “pancakes” were the banana fritters I used to make with my mom as a child in Jamaica. Our “pancakes” were a simple mix of mashed bananas and flour that we would form into long oval fritters and pan fry. Banana fritters are not as dense as pancakes (and we don’t add maple …