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Ethiopian Berbere Salmon | Sweet & Sorrel

Ethiopian Berbere Crusted Salmon with Timatim Tomato Salad

Hi there, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I know I did! Before I get into why it was such a fun weekend, let’s talk about this Ethiopian Berbere Crusted Salmon with Timatim Tomato Salad! Let’s face it, salmon can be kind of boring but not today! This simple salmon recipe cooks in just 15 minutes and requires very little prep! Its flavorful and unique. A perfect summer cookout dish! Okay, back to why this weekend was so fun (hint: this salmon was definitely a factor). One thing I love about summer in D.C. is rooftop cookouts. In D.C., there aren’t 4 seasons, there are 5: the fifth being rooftop cookout season. Seriously. Just visit the city in the summertime and you will find at least one rooftop packed with people grilling, chilling, or some combination of the two. And this weekend, the D.C. weather gods decided to smile down on the city, giving us a perfect sunny and humid-free day. So what did I do? Host a rooftop cookout of course! I am definitely …

Breakfast Crostini 3 Ways | Sweet & Sorrel

Breakfast Crostini 3 Ways

Hi all, welcome to July! You might be thinking, Danielle, back-to-back posts?!! What’s going on here? My personal goal is to post a new recipe every week. But since this is a holiday week (the 4th of July is Wednesday and I’ve decided to treat the entire week as a holiday!), I wanted to do something a little special. Hence, these breakfast crostinis! Breakfast for me is usually something on the go. Which is so sad because I really love sitting down and making my meals an event. But I love sleep way more. I’ve found that portable toasts/crostinis solve this dilemma for me, because they are super easy to make and very satisfying. And the star ingredient is bread. Which is obviously one of the greatest things ever invented (apologies to all my gluten intolerant friends, you really are missing out!). Since I also normally work out before eating breakfast, I tend to look for a breakfast option that has a good amount of protein and carbs to help with my recovery. These crostinis …