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Kabocha Squash Curry | Sweet & Sorrel

Kabocha Squash Curry

Happy Sunday! It’s officially fall here on the East Coast, which means it’s now squash season! This Kabocha Squash Curry is the perfect cold-weather meal. It’s healthy, hearty, and full of flavor. First, a confession: most West Indians aren’t familiar with the term squash. In Jamaica, we call every squash a pumpkin. Seriously! Butternut squash? That’s pumpkin to a Jamaican. Acorn squash? Yup, that’s pumpkin too. Spaghetti Squash? This is not very common in Jamaica but we’d probably call it pumpkin. And of course the traditional Halloween pumpkin is called a pumpkin. It can get pretty confusing! I remember one day after coming to the U.S., I was out grocery shopping with my mom and we were talking out loud, trying to figure out which of the items labelled “squash” was actually the West Indian pumpkin we were used to eating. A fellow shopper overheard our discussion and walked over to us, asking if we were Jamaicans. When we said yes, he said he knew we had to be because we were calling everything pumpkin. …