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Jackfruit Al Pastor Tacos | Sweet & Sorrel

Jackfruit Al Pastor Tacos with Cilantro Lime Crema

Ya’ll…. today is a big news kind of day. Big News #1: These tacos! Jackfruit. Mango salsa. Cilantro lime crema. Need I say more?! I think not. But I will. Because these tacos are A-MA-ZING! Just look at these beauties, they are begging to be devoured (and I happily complied :D). Big News #2: As you can probably tell from the above photo, I got a fancy new DSLR camera!!!! (Disclaimer: please excuse the exorbitant amount of photos included in this post, I was just too excited about my camera and how amazing the photos of these tacos turned out!) Ok, let’s start with these tacos. I’m pretty familiar with jackfruit: I grew up eating ripe jackfruit, which is kind of like a cross between a mango and a really fibrous peach. After we ate the fruit, my mom and I would boil the seeds and sprinkle them with some salt for a savory snack. But I have to confess, green jackfruit is not very common in Jamaica. However, recently I have been seeing a …