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Sweet Potato Tempeh Sandwich | Sweet and Sorrel

Sweet Potato Tempeh Sandwich with Basil Pesto

Hey there, Welcome to another Sunday post on the blog! Today, I’m sharing an incredible vegetarian (or vegan, if you nix the cheese) Sweet Potato Tempeh Sandwich with Basil Pesto! This sandwich tastes so good, you’ll forget that there’s no meat in it. Seriously, this sandwich is an instant classic. I will probably make this on a weekly basis for the rest of the summer because it is soo good! Sandwiches can be sort of a hit or miss for me. Especially vegetarian/vegan sandwiches. Whenever I go out and see vegetarian sandwiches on a menu, it’s normally bell peppers and cheese between two hunks of bread. Umm, that’s not a sandwich! I need more! That’s why I decided to play around with some ingredients. And I came up with this mega-sandwich. The stars of this dish are the oven roasted sweet potatoes, the skillet tempeh, and the homemade basil-almond pesto. Let me give you the inside scoop on all three! First, the roasted sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes have been part of my life since I …